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At Transcend Security, we are on a never-ending quest for perfection in the services that we provide, the security professionals that we hire and train, and the technology that we embrace. Our collective passion for perfection dictates everything that we do.


We view every aspect of what we do for our clientele as mission-critical. No issue, whether negative or positive, is less important than the other. Our staff is trained to never lose sight of what's important - and what's important to our clientele and/or employees is of the utmost importance to us.

How we do what we do is wholly based on the three P's of business success, people, process, and product. Success requires we must not only possess all three components but also perfect all three components. This isn't new to the business world - these three principles have made up the underpinning that many successful companies globally are built upon.

How we do what we do is wholly based around the three P's of business success, 1) People, 2) Process, and 3) Product - and you must not only possess all three components to be successful, you must perfect all three components to be successful. This isn't new to the business world - these three principals have made up the underpinning that many successful companies globally are built upon.

However, these three principles that lead to success do not necessarily have to be complex or difficult. Business is no different from anything in life; if you focus on the right areas and create a culture to support them, success comes naturally.


In the end, it's these three components that make up the Transcend Approach.


We believe that wherever you look, Transcend Security is a meeting place of talented individuals. We believe that each individual we employ is uniquely qualified to perform their specific role - from our entire team of field security professionals to support staff to management.


We believe this because we have put the tools and systems in place to ensure that we only hire the best - we will not hire an individual for a post simply because they walked through our office door because we realize our clients have entrusted us with an enormous responsibility in protecting their valuable assets.


The Transcend Process is defined by us as a set of operational actions and undertakings that, when performed in unison, will accomplish ultimate client satisfaction. By focusing on a chain of structured operational activities (the process) and utilizing a plethora of operational technologies at our disposal, we feel that definitive client satisfaction will be realized more times than not. This starts at the hiring stage, continues through the strategic and operational planning stages, and culminates at the client evaluation stage (which is never-ending).


Processes are a living and breathing entity, in that if we recognize a stage has become stale or ineffective, we replace it with a new process; and the cycle continues.


Transcend Security doesn’t differentiate itself from those industries that provide a tangible product to an end-user such as automobiles, food items, computers, cell phones, etc. To be a successful company in those areas, a company must ensure that the “product” they deliver to the end-user is of the highest quality - and Transcend Security feels the security-world should be no different.


Our people, specifically our team of security professionals, are our tangible product. And the quality of our security professionals will always form the pillars of our “employee-centric” approach.


Our synergistic approach to business is another reason why Transcend Security is distancing itself from its competition. The following six core elements make up our business foundation.


We adhere to each of these elements in the strictest of terms; and when these elements are combined, they have a greater effect than the sum of the individual elements and allow us to deliver first-class security services.

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