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Communication and trust are two key areas that we value at Transcend Security as it relates to employee engagement and client engagement. Therefore, we have created this Client Satisfaction Survey in order to establish better communication protocols and establish a more trusting atmosphere.

We understand that providing the services that you expect is a two-way street, in that client interaction is VITAL to improve and to stay ahead of any potential issues. We drill-down survey results and create action strategies based on those results. We don't just survey our clients, we partner with them to ensure results are understood and changes are implemented in a way that ensures a productive and efficient client/vendor relationship.

However, this can only be done by a high survey response participation rate, as well as the candor of the responses. So please participate and assist us in our never-ending quest for perfection.

"The key is to set realistic customer expectations, and then not to just meet them, but to exceed them - preferably in unexpected and helpful ways." - Richard Branson

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