Transcend Security Solutions has expanded its security services by offering security cameras and security monitoring. Together with its trusted partners, Transcend Security Solutions brings the ease of use that security cameras provide, to the level of scale and protection that our clients, and their businesses, require.

By coupling remote monitoring services through Transcend Security’s locally operated 24‐hour Security Operations Center (SOC) with our camera partners high‐end hardware on an intuitive software platform, modern enterprises are able to strengthen the safety and productivity of their surveillance operations.

With hybrid cloud technology, there are no trade‐offs in reliability and flexibility. Transcend Security offers the best-in-class security camera protection by delivering a solution that scales limitlessly and is virtually effortless to use. Our cameras are fundamentally different because physical safety is approached with a software‐first mindset. By building adaptive protection technology on a modern software stack, the system continuously delivers new capabilities to stay ahead of the threats.

Search Filters:  Our cameras intelligently analyze each frame for motion, people, and vehicles
Live Links:  Share live and recorded videos via SMS
Motion-based Search:  Motion-based search makes finding events easier on all cameras
Scalabity:  Video recordings are securely stored and are always accessible in the cloud
Performance:  Optimized for IP video to prevent video loss and image quality degradation
Monitoring:  Once a camera detects tampering, it immediately begins a cloud backup
Scalability:  Motion based search capabilities



The SCOT™ : Security Control and Observation Tower is a standalone remote, portable, self-sufficient security observation tower designed to expand an organization’s security reach instantly. RAD’s unique Power System allows SCOT™ to be quickly placed virtually anywhere for short- or long-term deployments with zero investment/planning in any supporting infrastructure.

Each tower is equipped with the latest artificial intelligence technologies:

  • Human Detection Analytics

  • License Plate Recognition

  • Standalone Power

  • MAC Tracker™ Capabilities

  • Close-range Intercom

  • Credential Validation and Access Control

  • Audio Integration

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