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Here at Transcend Security, we LOVE NFL Football; so we are excited to announce our Annual NFL Pigskin Pick'em Challenge!

Weekly Winners receive a $40.00 GIFT CARD and the Overall Winners will receive the following payouts:


The overall winner payouts can used at the Transcend Security Shopping Mall

Weekly Updates

Every Tuesday we will provide an overview of the previous weeks Winners and comments about the past weeks statistics.

To Join

To join, simply click the NFL Football below and follow these direction:


  • When signing up, please use your last name with the company you represent for your team name. Example: Crane – Transcend.

  • You will need the following information:

  • League ID: 201067

  • Password: 2020Safety

  • You will also need to be a Pigskin Pick'em member to join the league, so you may be asked to sign in. Many of you are members if you were involved with our league over the past few years. If you haven't already signed up, you'll need to do so before joining. Membership is FREE!








Pick'em Rules

League Type: Standard Pick'em - make picks for every game each week.


Monday Night Predicted Points: Predict the total number of points scored in each week's Monday night game. If a week does not have a Monday night game or more than one Monday night game is scheduled, the last game on the schedule will be used.

Winner Breakdown: There will be both a weekly winner and a season winner. The league member with the best record in a given week will be that week's winner, while the member with the best record at the end of the season will be the season winner.

Tiebreaker Breakdown: In the event of a weekly tie, the difference between predicted Monday night points total and the actual points total will be used as a tiebreaker.


Picks Deadline: League members have until the picks deadline to submit their picks. The picks deadline will be the same time every week, 8:00AM local time on Sunday.* Regardless of the picks deadline, no pick may be made for any game that has started. Member picks will be hidden until the picks deadline passes. * If you forget to make a pick for Thursday games, or Saturday games (later in the season), the system will automatically pick the home team in those games for you.


Time Zone: All dates and times used in the league will be displayed in Arizona Time.


Default Picks: Default Picks are not used. Members who do not submit their picks before the deadline of 8:00AM local time on Sunday will receive no picks and no record for that week.










Click the Football to

join and/or make

your weekly picks!!!