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Over the past two years, Transcend Security has invested heavily in innovation and security technologies; technologies that can be a stand-alone security solution, or can be integrated into current manned guarding security programs. We expect this investment to continue as security technologies, when coupled with the manned guarding components such as security patrols, alarm responses, and security monitoring, can offer our clients a more efficient and effective security program.

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Mobile Surveillance Units

Transcend Security is harnessing the power of the sun to turn your property into an intelligent property. Our solar-powered, 24-hour Mobile Surveillance Units (MSU) are a low-cost alternative to having security guards on-site, as well as replacing random security vehicle patrols throughout the night.     

Truck pulling mobile surveillance unit

Portable Alarm Systems

These high-performance wireless security system are a tried and true commercial security system. Transcend Security has deployed many of these portable high-performance wireless security systems throughout the Valley.

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On-Premises Cameras

The cameras that we make available bring the ease of use that security cameras provide, to the level of scale and protection that our clients, and their businesses, require. With this hybrid cloud technology, there are no trade-offs in reliability and flexibility. This offering delivers a solution that scales limitlessly and is virtually effortless to use.



Parker is primarily an outdoor machine which runs 24/7 on its own including autonomously recharging itself without any human intervention.  It is best suited for securing large outdoor spaces. Parker works together with human eyes at our TSOC (Transcend Security Operations Center) utilizing its browser-based user interface.

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