In order to maintain our status as one of Arizona's leading providers of contract security services; among other things, we make use of numerous technologies that are either specifically designed for, or that partner extremely well with the security services industry.

Our approach to the use of technology to better our business in not revolutionary, nor does it put space between us and our competitors. What puts space between us and our competitors is how we put these technologies into actual practice. In other words, the word “technology” is not a word that we simply use for marketing purposes, technology is and will always be at the heart of our operation. We implement, use, and rely heavily on our technologies to deliver first-class services, and to ensure that the services we are contracted to provide are actually being provided. By and large, because of these technologies, we are a more streamlined and digitized business in many areas.

Additionally, we understand that remaining competitive in the business area in which we operate means that we must be willing, and be able, to adapt over time in all areas - particularly in technology. This is why we are endlessly searching for "what's next" in technology solutions that not only advance the services that we offer that benefit our clients directly; but that also assist us internally from a management perspective. These technology selections are vital, and represent an important arm of our business, therefore it is critical to measure all that can be derived from those technologies that we choose to put into practice. Furthermore, we also must bear-in-mind our long-term operational objectives when selecting which technologies to put into service.


And with new technologies emerging as frequently as they do in today’s technology environment, we are always conscious that every day there could be a new, emerging technology that increases operational efficiency. This, in large part, is the main reason that we prefer open-source technologies as opposed to creating proprietary technologies in-house.


By utilizing open-source technologies, we can instantaneously replace, or remove any of those technologies that we employ if they are not delivering on client expectations. Many of the larger security providers have adopted a strategy that makes use of proprietary technologies; and by doing so - for good or for bad - they are beholden to them, and by default, so are their clients - even if these proprietary technologies become outdated and are no longer relevant. Companies that embrace proprietary technology also risk any competitive advantage they may have. In other words, we avoid "vendor lock-in".


Below are selected technologies that we put into practice on a daily basis that assist us in delivering on those promises that we make.

 Workforce Management

Transcend Security utilizes an intuitive security workforce management platform that provides actionable insight through integrated field operation and back office solutions.

Fleet Management

Our fleet management technology makes use of the most sophisticated GPS fleet management solution; one that that improves driver behavior, enhances driver safety, and more.

Recruiting Management

Our hiring process starts with aptitude, skills, and personality assessments. These assessments allow us to make an objective, more informed hiring decision. 

Training Management

We use the next evolution in training management that utilizes online tools that make training more efficient, more productive, and simplifies compliance.

Why do we invest so much in technologies?

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