In addition to the selection of personnel, the largest contributor to the ultimate success or failure of any security program is the training and ongoing development of each security professional. At the most basic level, proper training is an element of security that many security providers, and even some clients, take for granted. Those security providers that take training for granted provide the minimum amount of training required by the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS), and further, they tend to hold back on additional training for one simple reason - because it’s an added cost that either increases the hourly bill rate or takes away from bottom‐line profits.

And while many security providers take a "one program fits all" approach to training, at Transcend Security, we customize each training program to meet each client’s specific needs. Whether we recruit and hire individuals who already possess specific security skills, the training and on-going development program that we provide to our security professionals in second-to-none! We spend a vast amount of time, money, and other resources into our training and development infrastructure, so that our team of security professionals are able to deliver the level of security protection that our clients expect and demand. In addition, Transcend Security is proud to say that our training curriculum has been reviewed and approved through DPS.


Our training process consists of 1) Pre-Assignment Training, 2) Site Specific Training, 3) Sustainment Training, 4) Professional Security Officer Training Series


Pre-Assignment Training

Currently, Arizona Law requires all security professionals to be licensed prior to wearing a uniform or standing post. In order to obtain a security license, security professionals must complete an approved eight (8) hour training course which, in most cases, is provided by a licensed security provider. Much of this required training is spent on reviewing laws pertaining to security professionals according to Arizona Revised Statutes. However, not much time, if any, is spent focusing of the actual duties, responsibilities and techniques of a security professional. In other words, there isn’t much in the way of hands‐on training being provided.



BSOTS is a 12-part training program certified and endorsed by the International Foundation of Protection Officers. The BSOTS courses include engaging, up‐to‐date lessons on areas including, but not limited to Asset Protection & Security, Civil Law &Criminal Liability, Physical Security & Crime Prevention, and Fire Protection & Life Safety.

At Transcend Security, our goal is to provide our security professionals and our clients with a level of service that exceeds the industry standards. For this reason, in addition to the required DPS  training, we’ve incorporated an additional 12-hours of training into our pre‐assignment training through our Basic Security Officer Training Series (BSOTS). So not only are we providing security professionals that meet the DPS licensing minimum requirements; we are providing security profesionals that possess 150% more training in actual security experience than most others provide.


Site-Specific Training

Because many clients have one-off requirements, unique layouts, and distinctive scope of service requirements, among other factors, training for these types of clients must be impactful for their specialized needs – which is why Transcend Security mandates site-specific training. Our site-specific training is comprised of, 1) On-site Training, and 2) Computer-based Training (CBT). Our on-site training is actually on-site and is structured, supervised, and consistent. Our CBT is performed at our corporate offices, and consists of site specific courses such as High-Rise Security, Gate House Security, Hospital Security, etc.


Sustainment Training

Training never ends at Transcend Security. New technologies and new threats are always entering the world we live in. In addition, security methods that are relevant today, may be obsolete tomorrow. And because of all of this, our security professionals are continually receiving both refresher training to reinforce essential skills and explain new procedures; and new training in order for our security professionals to stay on the forefront of changes that may affect how they perform their security duties.


Professional Security Officer Training Series

Additional training includes our Professional Security Officer Training Series (PSOTS), which  is designed and dedicated to those Security Officers who seek continued professional development in the private security industry, and who are committed to the protection and safety of those we serve.


PSOTS is an advanced voluntary training program available to Security Officers who have been employed on a full-time basis by Transcend Security for a minimum of six months. The Program consists of 82 online training courses available through Transcend Security’s Professional Security Training Network and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The courses are self-paced, and in totality, take approximately 60 to 80 hours to complete. 

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