Transcend Security utilizes an intuitive, fully integrated, end-to-end security workforce management platform that provides actionable insight through integrated field operation and back office solutions. Our field security professionals and our Security Operations Center analysts are able to leverage a Live Dashboard, which captures and displays all activity in-the-field. This provides us access to centralized data at all times - in REAL-TIME! Accordingly, we are able to make operational decisions based on exactly what’s happening so our security professionals are never caught off guard.




The client portal provides our clients with TRANSPARENCY by giving them direct access to their data. This self-serve approach means that our clients feel empowered and realize that Transcend Security doesn't hide anything. Our clients have the power to review analytics, daily reports, officer movement, who is working when, and more.


Our Security Operation Center stays alerted with REAL-TIME access to all activity by our security professionals; such as attendance, incident reports, tours, checkpoint scans, and any unexpected events that may unfold. The Live Dashboard makes real-time information accessible from anywhere on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.




The Reporting System ELIMINATES paper reporting; thus simplifying the management, analysis, and distribution of data to our clients. Reporting is accurate, more efficient, and cost-effective, allowing management to focus on what the data represents and make more informed recommendations.


Our Security Operations Center is armed with a real-time visual tracking of our entire operation. Geo-fences with automated SMS and email ALERTS ensure that we're always aware of what's happening in-field and can access a full history of GPS activity whenever it's required, to ensure that our security professionals are on-the-move.


Meeting our obligations to our clients is MISSION CRITICAL at Transcend. The Incident Trends & Analytics tool adds value to the services we offer. These rich and professional data-driven incident-trend reports provide our management team the ability to be more proactive and less reactive where potential security threats are concerned. Analytics allow our security staff to mitigate the overall risk level at our clients site.


The Watch Mode component enables us to capture live video of incidents, making the recordings available directly from the Live Dashboard within moments. The ability to capture video of incidents not only assists law enforcement in the event that there are no eye witnesses, but it also can objectively support claims against Transcend or our clients if necessary. These videos are valuable data assets and will be available in the portal whenever management or our clients need them, whether it’s for monitoring guards during interventions, ensuring compliance with company policies, or adding to our knowledge base for training purposes.

Decision-making based on accurate and credible data in real-time is truly a client-centric solution. And this allows Transcend Security to deliver the final piece of the puzzle to its clients - piece-of-mind. Peace-of-mind in knowing that we're where our clients want us to be, doing our job.

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