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Transcend Security has partnered with a best-in-class manufacturer of wireless portable alarm systems. This high-performance wireless security system is a tried and true commercial security system. Transcend Security has deployed many of these portable high-performance wireless security systems throughout the Valley. The base unit and sensors are built strong for reliable security under the most extreme conditions.


Each base unit can manage up to 500 wireless sensors within its astonishing half mile radius. That radius doubles with a signal booster. The alarm signal is powered by Verizon for faster response times and sends an alarm signal in 3/10 of a second. And unlike other security systems, there are no phone lines to cut. 

Sealed and Tamper-proof: patented Rattlesnake Technology takes portable, wireless commercial security to the next level because the base unit and sensors cannot be tampered with once they are activated. Even when the power goes out or unplugged these portable alarm systems won't stop, as it is equipped with 20+ hours of battery backup.

Our installers can easily set-up your custom system in mere minutes to a few hours depending on the size of the system.




  • Vacant Buildings

  • Commercial Construction

  • Multi-Family Construction

  • Residential Construction

  • Utility Industry

  • Marinas

  • Equipment Yards

  • Education

  • Government

  • Oil & Gas Facilities

  • Law Enforcement

  • And More


  • Duel Beam Outdoor Motion Sensor

  • Indoor Motion Sensor

  • Door / Window Sensor

  • Glass Break Sensor

  • Border Guard Sensor

  • Loop Sensor

  • Rattler Sensor

  • Smoke Detector Sensor

  • Rate of Rise of Temperature Sensor

  • Water Level Sensor

  • Signal Booster

  • 115dB Siren / Strobe

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