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E-ven smarter. E-ven smaller.  Our new Ultra-Mini electric mobile surveillance units. Dual and single camera options. Learn More.



Mobile surveillance units are a low-cost alternative to physical security guards and security vehicle patrols. Operating 24/7, our state-of-the-art units are monitored by the Transcend Security Operations Center, so they're always in protection mode.

To fit your property's needs, customized configuration is available for: alerts, lighting effects, speakers, and monitoring services. 



s360 Standard

Rapid deployed. For larger outdoor sites with a range of security risks.

Solar, Multisensor Camera


sX1 Single Camera Mini

Pole mounted. For outdoor sites with targeted security risks.

Solar, Single Dome Camera


sX2 Dual Camera Mini

Pole mounted. For outdoor sites with targeted security risks.

Solar, Dual Dome Camera


eX1 Single Camera Ultra-Mini

Wall-mounted. For smaller sites with low to medium traffic.

Electric, Single Dome Camera


eX2 Dual Camera Ultra-Mini

Wall-mounted. For smaller sites with a range of security risks.

Electric, Dual Dome Camera


All our mobile surveillance units are rapid-deployed and able to be customized.

All units are monitored by our Analysts using four-level monitoring.

Mobile security and surveillance units

s360 Standard

Solar-powered. Best for larger outdoor sites with open spaces.

Mobile surveillance and security unit

sX Mini

Pole-mounted and solar-powered.
Dual camera options available (sX2).

Mobile surveillance and security unit

eX Ultra-Mini

Powered by electricity.
Dual camera options available (eX2).

Rapid Deploy

Rapid Deploy

Rapid Deploy



Dusk-to-dawn strobe light

Dusk-to-dawn strobe light

360/256/128° Camera

256°/128° Camera

Our eX2 model comes with a
dual camera, 256° field of view.

256/128° Camera

Our sX2 model comes with a
dual camera, 256° field of view.

Light Bar



Operational Controls

Operational Controls

Operational Controls

Horn Speaker

Horn Speaker

Horn Speaker



Mobile Surveillance Units

While our manufacturing facility is in Phoenix, Arizona, we ship and service mobile surveillance units throughout the Sun Belt region.


This region comprises 15 states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. 


Optional features may require a camera installation different from the standard offered camera.

People Analytics

Filter detected faces and view objects individuals may be carrying while in a defined area.

Vehicle Analytics

Browse, cross-search, and filter snapshots of vehicles detected within a defined area. Filters are available for a range of attributes, including vehicle body type and color.

Interest Notifications

Create triggers and set proactive alerts when a Person or Vehicle of Interest enters or exits the camera's field of view. Manual voice commands through horn speaker included.

Defined Incident

Trigger an alert when people are in a defined space within a certain window of time.

Time Lapse
(Optional Features)


Our Analysts can quickly view an entire day's worth of footage and find meaningful events, including People and Vehicles of Interest with any camera system offered.

License Plate Recognition
(Optional Features)


Differentiate and categorize objects and license plates from up to 98' away. Full video can be viewed in up to 4K resolution along with tagged attributes and metadata.

Verkada Authorized Reseller Clear Logo_B



Available as a Single or Dual system on our Mini and Ultra-Mini units.




Available on our Standard outdoor mobile surveillance units only.

BZ11_Command Render.418.webp



Available on all units.


When would I use a mobile surveillance or security unit?

Large Event Security

Secure public and private events with confidence. The mobile surveillance unit provides a visible deterrent to potential threats, while its advanced surveillance capabilities allow for proactive monitoring of crowds and surroundings.

Construction Site Monitoring

Protect valuable assets and equipment on construction sites. The unit's rugged design and weather-resistant features make it suitable for outdoor use, providing constant surveillance to prevent theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access.

Emergency Response

In times of crisis, the mobile surveillance unit becomes an invaluable tool for emergency responders. Quickly deploy the unit to provide real-time situational awareness, assess risks, and coordinate response efforts effectively.

Law Enforcement Support

Augment law enforcement and police department efforts with our units. Use it for temporary surveillance operations, stakeouts, and special events where additional security measures and mobile video surveillance are required.


Why mobile surveillance units instead of traditional guard services or security cameras?

Cost-Effective Solution

Avoid the expenses associated with permanent infrastructure. The mobile surveillance unit offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional surveillance methods like security cameras, ensuring a high return on investment for your security needs.

Deterrent Effect 

The visible presence of our mobile surveillance units and surveillance trailers serves as a powerful deterrent to unauthorized activity. Potential wrongdoers are less likely to engage in unlawful behavior when they know they are being monitored.

Flexibility and Mobility

A video surveillance solution that adapts to changing security requirements with ease. The mobility of our unit and remote monitoring allows you to address emerging threats in different locations, providing a flexible and scalable security solution for peace of mind. 

Enhanced Awareness

The advanced surveillance technology integrated into the units provide real-time situational awareness. With features such as high-resolution cameras, night vision, and motion detection, users can monitor activities and potential threats in their surroundings. This surveillance technology empowers security personnel to take proactive measures, respond quickly to incidents, and coordinate effective emergency responses.


Test our Mobile Surveillance Units for a week.

Includes a standard monitoring package.

All our mobile surveillance units are rapid-deployed and able to be customized. The s360 is solar-powered and best for larger, outdoor sites with open spaces.
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