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Our Mission Statement

To provide a level of service that transcends good work, and discovers the tremendous experience of doing great work.

The definition of Transcend - “to go beyond the ordinary”, mirrors our vision as to how a security provider (or any service provider for that matter) should operate. We believe that by staying true to this vision, and by focusing on our six core business objectives - client relations, personnel, technology, training, service, and value; our employee-centric culture will forever separate Transcend Security from its competitors.

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Transcend Security delivers an assortment of security protection services including uniformed guarding services, mobile security patrols, temporary security services, alarm & incident response services, parking enforcement services, special event services, and security technologies to a variety of vertical markets.

Transcend Security was built to deliver security services to businesses, communities, and industries with a specialized, customer service-oriented approach, that is geared with specificity towards each vertical market, and individual client - this is the foundation on which Transcend Security is built upon.  It is our commitment to consistently deliver our clientele the highest quality security solutions in the market.


We invest significant resources into the hiring, training, and retention of our security professionals. These investments have resulted in empowering our security professionals with a better understanding of the specialized needs of each client we serve. This enables us to not simply meet our clients' expectations; but rather to exceed our clients' expectations.

The nucleus of our operational ecosystem is and will always be about the quality of our security professionals in-the-field. And why would the nucleus of our operational ecosystem be the quality of our security professionals? Simply stated, because our security professionals are on the “frontlines” of the business. They are the individuals that have daily interaction with our clients and their residents, their tenants, their guests, their visitors, etc. Consequently, we utilize a massive amount of resources in order to hire, train, and retain superior security professionals; because the quality level of our security professionals is unquestionably the lifeblood to the ultimate successful outcome where our client’s security needs are concerned.

Our Vision Statement


"Our responsibility is to continually improve all aspects of the security world in which we operate - by constantly focusing on today, while keeping a keen eye on tomorrow."

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