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OPPORTUNITY OPPORTUNITY OPPORTUNITY! - We'd love your help in continuing to make Transcend Security Solutions a truly special company; a company that is changing how security services are delivered, and how security professionals are treated. We understand that our family of security professionals is the most essential component to us being able to deliver on those promises that we make to our clients. Because of this, we offer our team members the strongest benefits package in the industry!


Transcend Security is unlike other security providers that we compete with - and that's because of our team of security professionals. Our success will always be tied first and foremost to the quality of our officers in the field. So if you're above average, apply today to become a part of our family. Transcend is always in need of highly qualified security professionals to fill full-time, part-time, and flex guard positions throughout Arizona.


  • Medical, Dental and Vision Benefits! - Medical, Dental and Vision Benefits are available to full-time hourly (that regularly work 30 hours or more) and salaried team members and their families.

  • Free Security Uniforms & Equipment! - You Only Pay a $50 Deposit! Seriously, some of our competitors will charge LARGE deposits upfront (that you never truly get back);. Others will take a portion of your hard-earned money each pay period; and some will even FORCE you to buy your own uniforms, equipment, and/or gear, but NOT at Transcend!

  • Your Paycheck Won't Bounce! - Believe it or not, this is a problem with some of our competitors, but NOT at Transcend!

  • Company Paid Sick Time! - No other Security Company provides this benefit!

  • True Vacation Pay! - Some of our competitors' "vacation pay" is just a bonus program dressed up to appear as vacation pay, when it really isn't. 

  • Free Life Insurance Policy! - Transcend Security provides all full-time hourly (that regularly work 30 hours or more) and salaried team members a $10,000.00 Life Insurance Policy at NO CHARGE!

  • Employee Bonus Program! - Through our Beyond Ordinary Rewards Program, Transcend Team Members can earn daily, monthly, and yearly monetary awards for going "Beyond the Ordinary"!

  • No Charge for Guard Card Classes! - A Guard Card License is $72.00, and it's paid directly to the Arizona Department of Public Safety. If a company asks you to pay more than that, ask them why?

NOTE: Once you enter the Transcend Security Assessment Center, please allot 45 minutes to complete the entire application and assessment modules. Both modules must be done before exiting the Center.

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