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Transcend Security Solutions is a leading provider of contract security services delivered by highly trained security professionals. We cater to a variety of vertical markets; offering first-class, sophisticated physical and virtual security solutions with efficiency and clarity; security solutions that protect people, property, and assets for businesses and communities alike.


Strategically combining Manpower, Technology, and Innovation, Transcend Security has separated itself from its competitors. With an efficient and streamlined process - created to provide elasticity for our clients - Transcend Security's security offerings are simply superior.

We believe that the only way to solve security issues is to understand them from every angle. Transcend Security has developed a proven process that quenches our insatiable pursuit for perfection. We anticipate and sidestep obstacles by working smart at program inception and throughout our relationship with each client. Transcend Security also works on the theory that great partnerships result in great work. We believe that to have a successful security program, there must be a genuine partnership with each client. Therefore, open and honest communication is essential, because every successful relationship starts with trust.

mobile survelliance unit

Every client that we work with presents its own goals, challenges, and opportunities. As a result, Transcend Security makes use of their proven processes time and again, enabling them to discover and address the unexpected. Transcend Security management immerses itself in our clients’ needs by learning through examination, performance, meetings, and analytics. Regular team and client communication keeps the process moving forward and always in-line with our employees and clients’ needs.


In-the-end, Transcend Security approaches every relationship it enters into as a long-term journey, always supporting its clients' needs and goals.

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